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Where Are You Located?

We are located at 776 Shrewsbury Avenue, Tinton Falls, just off Rt. 35 in Shrewsbury.

We have 7,000 square feet of indoor space as well as our own, private paved and grass area behind the building. 

Classes and training can be held outdoors, weather permitting. 


I’m New to Exercise...

That’s OK! Every workout can be modified for any level of fitness.

Classes and Training can/will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

Do You Have Water?

Yes, we have a filtered water station inside. We don't supply cups, so bring a water bottle!

What Else Do You Offer?

In addition to Group Strength/HIIT Classes, we offer one-on-one Personal Training, Buddy Sessions, an Athlete Training Program, Yoga and a special needs program called CM Heroes. General Gym Memberships are also available.


What do I do when I get there?

Say hello! Check in at the front desk or on our App! 


What Should I wear?

Workout clothes!  Bring a sweatshirt in case we go outside!


Group Sessions will be capped at 25 people due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our Buddy Session Personal Training sessions - If you can not attend the session but your buddy does participate, the session will be charged at full rate.

Freeze policies- We only allow freezes on 12 month contracts. In addition, no freezes are allowed May-August unless accompanied by a doctors note.

Covid-19 Policy- Whenever inside the building a mask must be worn at all times. Sign-in and temperature reading must be done before entering the main space.


I'm a 56 year old female that suffers from chronic asthma and has had 3 c-section births and a hysterectomy. I had no lungs, no core muscles, no confidence, and no strength. Ken Potis and the trainers at Critical Mass have encouraged, taught and challenged me.

I now hate missing my exercise routine and my strength and confidence level is through the roof. Literally-if I can do it, anyone can do it. Give Critical Mass a try!

In the words of my new Critical Mass Family and my new moto "Just Show Up!"

Kim Ambrose

I moved to Monmouth county a couple years ago and needed to find a new gym, but I didn't want to get a membership at a glorified weight room again. I needed something fresh, unorthodox and motivating, something I haven't seen before. Critical Mass gave me all of those things and more. Through the diversity of the trainers and coaches, combined with the varieties of methods they utilize in their programs and classes, I was able to change the way I looked at fitness and my lifestyle. Diversity, accountability, self motivation and comraderie were easily achieved in a short period of time. It quickly became somewhere I was anxious to get back to every time I left. Critical Mass is undoubtedly the best GYM I have ever gotten involved in. I will always recommend critical mass to anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level.

Scott Crotta

I worked out at Critical Mass for about 6 months before we had to move from NJ for my husbands job and I was so sad to go! I joined initially to get fit for my wedding and became way more stronger, leaner and confident through participating in group classes.

As a former college runner, I was very active but lacked proper lifting techniques. Ken was a great teacher and extremely patient with me to ensure that I wasn't injuring myself to reach my goals. If you are looking for a great gym to challenge you with amazing coaches who will support you & turn into friends, you have found the right place.

Alli Cooper

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